Thursday, March 08, 2007

Old Folk*, you gotta love 'em....

This afternoon George and I visited a town in Pennsylvania. Washington I believe.

Typical Pennsylvania town.......

We went to visit his grandmother's nephew's sister's brother or a relative of such nature..... It was someone very old and in a nursing home put it that way. Anyway, George was having a conversation with her and before she went off into the land of dementia, she mentioned that she used to have a roommate but that the last she saw of her was "yesterday. One minute she was there, the next she was gone." We figured the roommate had died and the staff didn't want to upset this lady, however, upon further investigation we discovered the TRUE nature of the disappearance.

Turns out this roommate had an oxygen machine (a much needed - to survive - oxygen machine) that was very loud and irritating. Enough that it irritated the aforementioned relative and during the night, she had turned off said machine to try and get some sleep. Alarm bells went off and thus, the roommate, for her own safety and survival, was moved from the room.

~ Note: I wanted to put in the clip from Airplane when the singing nun with the guitar pulls the oxygen tube from that young girl but couldn't find it ANYWHERE. That would have been funny AND appropriate ~

I don't know who to feel sorry more for!

After that visit, we went to see the SON of the old lady/relative. He was called Chuck.

I fell in love with him.

He's 72!

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really. This old guy was funny, good looking, a smooth operator and held me captivated with his stories and wit and his lovely droopy eyes and smile. (His eyes were droopy, not his smile.........) We visited for a couple of hours and then George dragged me away, literally. However, we HAVE made plans to meet up for dinner on Saturday in Wheeling, W Va. He'll be bringing his wife and I'll be bringing George but he'll know I only have eyes for him....

Tomorrow, we shall be visiting Ann Arbor, Michigan (apparently Stella's sister used to have a penpal that lived there) I *heart* Ann Arbor. I've only been once before and we didn't stay long but tomorrow I have a full day there. Any tips on certain places to visit?

Over the next few days I shall be doing ALOT of travelling with George so posts will be as and when. Eventually, there may even be a picture or two, imagine that!

*I'm soooo not making fun really of old senile people. I'm like that now and I'm only 37 so trust me when I say that. Okay?

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