Friday, November 03, 2006

Just so you know........

If there is one thing, and one thing only you need to know about me it is this. I DON'T LIKE DRIVING IN SNOW! I can admire snow from inside a lovely warm house, gaze adoringly as it falls from the sky and giggle charmingly in an old maid kind of way as I watch the neighborhood children dig, build snowmen and fall in the street. What I cannot do is drive in it. Please understand that even THINKING about driving in the snow makes me almost wee myself with fear.

It has only started snowing the past few days, and already Lake County has sent out !!! URGENT WINTER MESSAGES !!! (and yes, they are in red which only heightens my level of insecurity and intense wee-inducing terror). Apparently, the snow ploughs (plows US?) think that if there are only 4 or 5 inches of snow on a road, most vehicles can handle this and just sit idly by as they watch people drive like learners!. Well. For their information. Not all vehicles can manage the snow! Actually, my CRV probably could manage the snow if it didn't have such a snow retarded doilem behind the wheel. I cried the last time I had to drive in snow. Cried like a baby.

Anyway, George asked me to meet him for lunch and I agreed, thus showing the level of love I hold for him. As if driving in the blizzard of all blizzards (hence-forth to be known as the "Great Snow of the afternoon of November 3rd, 2006"), I had the heat turned up not only in my seat from all vents. I then heard an almighty cracking sound, not something you want to hear as you are driving.

I glanced toward the windowscreen and noticed a crack slowly appearing across the entire bottom, from one side to the other. Yep. A small stone may have chipped my CRV sometime ago, but now the heat was on, it developed into the crack of all cracks, making this now nervous driver almost do a number 2. I can't put a claim into my insurance as it is already sky-high so I'm going to wait till the windowscreen falls through on me (probably while driving). Just kidding.

So there you have it. I hate driving in snow so I'm getting into my hibernating mode and should probably emerge sometime around April!

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