Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back with a Vengeance!

Saona Island

We arrived back safely. The place we stayed at (Punta Cana Grand Palladium) was awesome. Incredible, the staff smiled ALL THE TIME, rooms clean and were cleaned on a daily basis, mini-bar filled, trips galore to go on and we picked an excellent one, etc., etc., etc., Slideshow to see the amazing pictures is here, feel free to comment on the pictures if you want!


However, I did also bring back with me a slight case of the to be polite but detail-icious, "Dehli Belly." Suffice to say that I had to call off work tonight and hopefully things will be getting back to normal after boatloads of Imodium-type stuff.

Saona Island

Things heard while the Knapps/Johnson were vacationing:
  • "I'm sorry but 4 toilet rolls per day is simply not enough."
  • "Georgia's pulled"
  • "Claire, he can totally see you taking his picture"
  • "Head-on - Apply Directly to the forehead"
  • "2 dead dogs, 3 dead dogs, 4 dead dogs.........."
  • "If it has a head and legs I'm not eating it!"
  • "That army looks really mean!"
  • "Rafeal's Familia - the boat is here............"
  • "I think they have turned the plumbing off!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Room?" - "#4008" - "No, do you want RUM?"
  • "Bloody Germans!"
  • "Someone's nicked me airbed!!!!"
  • "I need goggles before I go in there..........."
  • "Close the door" - "It IS closed!!!!!"
I'll leave it to you to figure out who said what!

All in all, a GREAT holiday. While we were gone the bar was finished so check out those pics once you get to Flickr too!

Now I just need to relax and sort out my plumbing issues and all will be back to normal!

I'm glad to be back!

Trees on Beach

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