Thursday, February 09, 2006

Winter Woes

As Anna Nalick says, "Winter just isn't my season."

I am miserable, mean and just downright hibernatible (if that isn't a word, it should be) whenever the weather gets to be even remotely coldish.

Oh, don't get me wrong, snow is pretty to look at. TO LOOK AT!

But to be in it? Nope. I know, I live in NEO so should expect it, but after 4 years I am still no closer to loving or appreciating this snow. I can't drive in it. I can't do anything in it except take pictures and complain.

I went to the park today to try and take some nice pictures of the snow but it was so effing cold I was in and out of the car within minutes!

Here, you will see what I took:

The fishing deck


Me freezing my arse off!

Frozen Andrea

Thats all! The only thing that can help me through this dark and difficult period (I am feeling your sympathy by the way!) is my upcoming vacation! The snow got to me and I'd had enough. I needed to see sunshine if only through a photograph.

Myself, my daughter and Clairbear are heading to Punta Cana - Dominican Republic some time in June. I'd love to do a Kim and go now but no can do. So I shall just have to be content with looking at where we are going.


Punta Cana

beats this ANYTIME!

Beach 5 Headlands Snowy beach

Aside from being cold. Sod all happening today. I'm going out (all bundled up) to see Brokeback Mountain. Seeing those two hot guys (gay or not) will warm the cockles of my heart!


I saw the previews at the theatre, then just as the movie was about to start, the entire thing melted. Yep. The film strip just melted. Apparently, the film is just too hot for Ohio. Bugger. I got a refund but I really wanted to see it then.

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