Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An Open Letter to T.V. Executives..........

Dear People Who Know Nothing Of The Average TV Viewer,

I am sick and tired.

Fed up and pissed off.

Angry and confused.

I need answers. I need them now.

Why, why, why do you allow me to start watching a show, allow me to grow to love the characters, storylines etc., allow me to become almost 'one with the show' then *shouts* YANK IT OFF THE TV LIKE I DIDN'T EXIST?

What is that all about?

Am I not faithful to your shows? Am I not sitting in front of my TV with bated breath, ready to be engulfed in the latest offering? Do I not have EVERY show listed in my DVR (EVERY episode ANY time on ANY channel?) Am I not doing enough?

Please explain.

In case you are wondering which shows I may be talking about, here are some offerings:

FX's Over There

NOT ONLY was this show brilliant, it was full of toptastic hot looking men, and great thought provoking story lines (The current Iraq War anyone?). What were you thinking taking this off air? Tell me, tell me!

NBC's The Book of Daniel.

Book Of Daniel

This wasn't even given a chance! Two episodes! TWO! I know there was a whole bunch of negative hype from churchgoers (who hadn't even SEEN the show before they were bitching about it) but COME-ON! Aiden Quinn, great story lines, what more do you want?

FX's The Job

The Job

This was a sarcastic, hilarious look at the NYPD and brilliant casting with Dennis Leary. But once again, canceled! (TV Execs, you had better not even THINK about touching Rescue Me!)

Fox's Andy Richter Controls The Universe

Yep. Funny. Great casting. Great storylines. Canceled.

and finally..............................

My So Called Life

Yeah, I know this was forever ago but I'm still feeling the pain, like Jordan Catalano not returning Angela's love..... the heartache Ricky Vasquez went through.....


Here's an idea though you Heartless Cruel TV Executives.

Instead of canceling the good shows, try canceling these pointless puff pieces:

America's Top Model, The Bachelor/Ette, Nanny 911, Wife Swap, The Apprentice, any kind of Hilarious Outtakes from the 70's shows.

Take them off the air and replace them with good, solid shows.

Just a suggestion.

If you need me for any further ideas, you can contact me here, C/O A Ropey Old Bird in Ohio.


Andrea Knapp

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