Wednesday, February 08, 2006

OMG!! Can it be true?

I was up early and catching up on what has been going on in the world, reading the news and it was the same old, same old. War, violence, Britney Spears, Death, Weather etc.,

Then I caught this story on Yahoo and about shit my pants! Can it be true? Apparently so!

Now, for you non-English folk *tuts*, Grange Hill was a TV show that started back in 1978 and was about a Grammar School set in London I believe. Kids of all ages loved the show as it gave real-life examples of what went on in school and how kids were treated, and what was going on in the lives of kids at that time.

Of course, as much as all kids loved the show, parents hated it.

Hated hated hated it.

The Womens' Institute in Somerset called for Grange Hill to be banned! Some of the cast were even withdrawn by their parents because they didn't want their children associated with Grange Hill. It used to be on at 5 pm I think, on BBC 1 and my mum never let us watch it. Want to know why? Press play.

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Yep. Like a show would influence my life! I know I was a teenager but come on!!!!!! How embarrassing, being banned from watching a TV show!

Anyway, I have been checking out the show on Google and boy did that bring back memories! It was like I only saw the show last night. (If you are wondering how I watched the show when I was banned from doing so - remember, I was a teenager, I found ways!!! Actually, I just went to my friend Leonie's house - yeah I'm that devious!)

I remember Annette, Fay, (sluts) Pogo Patterson, (idiot) RoLAND, (big) Gripper Stebson, (bully) the death of Danny, (sad) and the demise of Zammo (druggie) and the charming Headmistress Mrs McClusky!

In fact, when Zammo got heavily into drugs (Heroin I believe), the show decided to record a song called "Just Say No!" which you can listen to here. What a hit! (God I cringe thinking that I may have bought this) The best part is when they rap!

The Grange Hill cast went on an anti-drugs tour across the country and Lee MacDonald, who played Zammo, found himself particularly in demand. But the icing on the cake was an invitation to the White House by America's First Lady, Nancy Reagan, in May 1986. Mrs Reagan was involved in the American "Just Say No" project and had heard about Grange Hill's campaign. So the cast and crew jetted off to Washington.

Yep! Grange Hill cast - Mrs President, Mrs President - the Grange Hill cast! Introduction over.

Knowing how hard it has been for people to understand my accent, I'm sure she was all "Yes, that's interesting" but thinking "What the fuck are these kids saying?"

But I digress. Grange Hill was a part of my history, my growing up, my life and I can't wait to see it in film.

I'll probably not let my kids watch it though.

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