Friday, February 10, 2006

My goings on today

Lately in this Ropey Old Birds house, not much has been going on. Thus far, the excitement has been as follows:
  • My cell phone company (alltel) has decided to give free picture messaging until April 14th. Is it wrong that I have already sent George a picture of my boobs?
  • It is bloody snowing again.
  • I have drunk 5 cups of tea and it is only 11:16 am.
  • I have panicked all morning about having to be able to follow Stellas fab guest post as Kim.
  • I just sent another picture, this time of my er.......
  • Did anyone watch Survivor last night?
  • You ever look at someone and think "I think I shagged him once?". Oh. You don't? Well then neither do I!
  • If anyone is interested, my son Nick in NZ is doing well!
  • My daughter is 14 tomorrow. Where the bleeding hell did that time go?
  • Only one more day till tickets go on sale. Check out the vid for "Like we never loved at all" OMG he is dreamy! I *heart* Tim McGraw!
  • I am waiting anxiously for the following DVD sets I ordered to arrive! :Lost - season 1, Grey's Anatomy - season 1, Vicar of Dibley - the whole bloody lot of them!
  • I'm now trying to figure out how to hang from my chandelier and take a picture at the same time. T'is tres difficile!
That's all.

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