Monday, September 05, 2005

Now then, this jump that I did........

Well, the night before, Claire and I decided that it probably wasn't in our best interest to go out and get drunk, what with jumping 10,500 feet the next day.

So we bought a bottle of this:


and drank IN. (as you do)

and we got drunk!


We were up early the next morning at 5:45 and to be honest I really wasn't nervous at all. I did however, put on a decent pair of knickers in case it all went wrong and I was found dead in a tree. (You don't want your granny knickers on in a situation like that do you!?) and then we were off (with strict warnings from George not to make this an expensive hobby!). We got there pretty early, to an amazing view like this:


so had a chance to scout out the place. I have to say, that while I knew we weren't jumping out of a jumbo jet, I was pretty shocked to see a plane this small!:

The plane

We had to watch a video, that basically showed someone doing the same kind of jump we were doing. This poor girl jumped out of the plane and was scared shitless! She was dropping the F-bomb left, right and center! (I had to remember that as I was getting a video made of my jump, not to swear!) but it looked fun and I couldn't wait to do it!

We had to choose a jumpsuit to wear, and of course both Claire and I wore one that made us look like a pair of car mechanics!

Claire and Me

Then we had a brief tutorial wherein the jump guy was making pretty 'out there' sexual overtures (don't you think?!) :)-


Claire and I went up first (I had a video made and once I receive it, I will most certainly be uploading it for you so you can all laugh at me!) and she was the first one out. To tell the truth, the only time I was a bit nervous was when I had to go to the doorway and put my leg out on the little step thingy. Claires instructor basically shoved her out but mine did the old "Ready Steady Gooooooooooooooooooo" and we were off!

I have to tell you it is THE MOST AMAZING thing EVER! I was just laughing, screaming, (in an American accent no less!!!) and enjoying myself all the way down! The view was great (cloudless) and pretty soon it was time for the chute to open which again, was brilliant!

Here I am floating down to Earth!


Then it was time to land. It was a smooth landing and I was just dying to go back up and do it again!

and there you have it. A great jump, and clean knickers on my landing. What more can you ask for?

Coming soon: "How My Kickers Stayed Clean: A Skydivers Story"

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