Friday, August 19, 2005

OMG! 1 sleep to go!

A brief history for you!

Back in October last year, I created this blog. Not thinking many people aside from friends or family would read it, but that is not what mattered!

It was cathartic. Cleared my mind. Eased my pain (not that I had any, but for a totally 'I'm an author' type feeling I had pain OK?)

But then I signed up for Blog Explosion and pretty soon, my blog was open to the world.

I realised the best ways to blog, what to do vs. what NOT to do, and soon people were linking me!

The first person to link me was the delightful Ms Mac.

Many of you either know of Ms Mac or have her linked. She is a woman who is at all times funny, always in the know, has culture out the wazoo, loves her family and delights in letting us live her life vicariously.

So as I was saying........

My first contact with Stella was an e-mail sent December 8th telling me:

"Hi Andrea, You can email me here! ms mac (Stella to my friends!)"

Yeah, I was a friend!

January 11th, Stella crushed my soul and stomped on my heart by delighting in telling me:

"Rumour has it, around the Melbourne Gay Boy, scene that Tom Selleck is so totally gay and Tom Cruise used to be his "houseboy" if ya know what I mean ;-) But you didn't hear it from me....!"

oh, and this little bit of info:

"You are so going to puke when you see the pics of my blisters- that'll learn ya!"

January 19th Mr Mac got in on the action and was e-mailing me:

"Great work on speeding up the BE process too. Now I can live my life in 28 second increments instead of 30 second ones. Does that mean that I am now blog surfing 6.667% more efficiently?"

By February, Stella and I were e-mailing/IM'ing almost too much and commenting on other blogs, one of which went like:

"That awful 'insert name' boys names are 'insert name' and 'insert name'. She's not actually living on this planet, is she?"


"Patrick was good though. I went walking up a snowy mountain for about 10 minutes, made it up approx 100 metres and it nearly killed me! Why can't you live here? the we could have walked together! " (Ooh, as if she knew the future.....)

Oh we laughed........

Then we started talking about our husbands and comparing.... I won't tell you what I found out about Mr Mac, just as she won't tell you what she found out about G - unless you get us both drunk wherein we will regale you with stories so bizarre and you will laugh heartily and wonder why either of them married us!

and talking of drinking? The drunk e-mails that have passed between us are so many that picking one was difficult;

"OMG QAndi, I wish yo were here rtight now! We couls be havuiing such an ace time! Craig and I are having such a totslly awasome Swiss day.Love you guysm


ps. i thinkwe should make a pact to always email each otrgher when we are shitfdasced tnad trhen we sowuld know how wehen we are all having a good time!"

oh and this treasure:

"I ahve drunk a ufkl boittleof Pinot Grosio. I have blggooed and G is in bed witing for me. thats about it for nighting. I will shall to you tomrroow.


and I agree with you about the e-mailing when we r are dunrk! it sissoo oooo coool."

I mean, you all have friends like this right? Friends who you can talk with, friends who you can IM and laugh like idiots with, friends who you can visit!?

Yep, you heard me!

We are visiting the Macs. Tomorrow. We are leaving on a jet plane and early Sunday morning will be in Zurich, being met at the airport by these two delightful people who have offered to put us up. FOR A WHOLE WEEK!

Are they crazy? I think perhaps. But we are just as crazy and I'm guessing that for that whole week we will be having so much fun you can't even imagine.

and they have a computer too so we will be blogging relentlessly while there.

Hopefully I won't be posting drunk, coz, as you can see from the above e-mails, you won't make much out of them!

I can't wait! There will be four people, in one room, all speaking the same language but with totally different accents!

Anyway, can you tell I'm excited? My camera is ready, my bags are packed, my kids are safe with Claire so off we go. Talk to you later gaters.....................

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