Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh I am SUCH a cradle-snatcher (and yes, this post is a disguised Boy Band post)

I was chatting with Stella earlier, about hot guys. We all know she fancies this guy:


who, if you ask me, bears a striking resemblance (if you ignore the fact that he is black/African American, whatever)......... to THIS guy!


What say you? But as we were talking about hot guys, a Backstreet Boys video came on.

Their new one. It is funny.

I know. I just admitted I *heart* the Backstreet Boys.

So sue me.

But then we got to talking about boy bands in particular (yes Jon and Martin - now we get to the nitty-gritty) and I remembered this boy band back in the day that I was ALL OVER like a rash!



Yes. These guys.

Now, though I liked the band, there is one 'member' (fnar fnar) that I wouldn't throw out of bed on a cold night.

Lee Anthony Brennan (aint he cute?)

His profile is as follows:

Full name : Lee Anthony Brennan
Birthday : 27th September, 1975
Birthplace : Carlisle
Starsign : Libra
Height : 5ft 4ins (and a quarter)
Eye colour : Blue
Family : Mum, Dad, 2 brothers & 2 sisters
Likes : Performing, footie, having a laugh, being mad, frosties, hot dogs
Dislikes : People smoking aroung us when we're performing, brown sugar, goldfish sandwiches

Did you see that he likes 'performing'? Yep, I'm all about that! Being mad? That's one requirement I have when it comes to my men, and like me, he doesn't like goldfish sandwiches! Who does? I'd rather eat brussel sprouts and tripe than goldfish sandwiches.

and don't get me started on how my favourite color is blue, coz you know, it is.

Does anyone ALSO notice the startling thing we have in common? His band is called 911 and I answer 911 calls for a living! Destiny I tell you. We were made to be together!

Now I feel like a letch. He looks about 12, even though he is only 6 years younger than me.

But you know what? I don't care. Me and Lee sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G, da da da da daaaaaaaaaa

Can anyone out there do me a favor? 911 had a video which showed them singing on a train, but I don't remember the song. If you have any 911 songs, can you send them to me, e-mail addy up there on the left for iPodding purposes.

Now, leave me alone to contemplate how I'm going to kidnap a certain Mr Brennan and make him mine..........

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