Monday, July 25, 2005

I sooooo want one of these, and this too, oh, and this.....

I am loving all this peace and quiet with the kids gone, it is just lovely.

The kids being away means:
  • No phone ringing 8 million times a day
  • no fighting
  • arguing
  • sulking
  • whining
  • mess etc.,
It also means that when I go grocery shopping, I have to bring it in myself! I loathe this job more than anything, and truly did miss my kids for that 5 minute time frame of dragging in the bags. But it passed!

Anyway, while they are away, I am catching up on all sorts of stuff. Blogging for one. Reading all your blogs and I realised I have so missed you all! You should be seeing comments any day now! Especially you Ruksak! I feel like I haven't read you in forEVER!!!!!

Another thing I did was update my profile - though there really wasn't too much to add! I did see however, that there is now a whishlist section!

I know you all won't buy me stuff but if you want to look at the fabulous items I added, check it out here. I'm always one to look for a bargain!

But looking at the list, I found this rather extraordinary item.


I have no idea what it is, but it looks like some kind of arse shaper/tightener. I mean, it has lycra in so it must re-shape something! It also looks kind of like something it shouldn't (draw your own conclusions) but it's expensive so it must work whatever it is and I want one! So anyone out there with a bit of dosh who wants to see my arse all re-shaped and tight, there is your answer! I guess I could do one of those donate with Paypal thingies.... coz I do have PayPal!

Some items I can scratch of my list are:

Choco Loco

From Stella - I believe I won them in a competition! They are just like Maltesers and I LOVE Maltesers! Cheers ma dear!

Flakes and Smarties

From Nicole - for winning another competition! You can't go wrong with Flakes (I shared them with my mum and we were just going around the house singing the Flake song "only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before......" and imitated going under a waterfall in a canoe.......)

Oh and Canadian Smarties eh? Brilliant!

Top from Claire

A top similar to this from my cousin Claire Bear (who is graciously looking after my kids while I me and G go visit the Macs for a week)

So all in all, not bad eh? There is nothing nicer than getting stuff in the mail!

So thats about it so far my peeps. I'm almost finished with the new Harry Potter book and will not be checking in to my blog till I've done, for fear someone will comment and say "Oh, so and so dies...." I'm hoping it isn't a Weasley - child or parent and I'm kind of thinking Snape, but I shall know in an hour or so.....

But it is good to be back and I shall be back to my regular daily blogging shortly.


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