Saturday, June 18, 2005

you know me and my briefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, its been one scorcher of a day so obviously not much is going on.

I worked 3rd last night and was knackered this morning. Last nights shift was ace and reminiscent of EVERY Cops episode you have ever seen and more!

So I came home, climbed into bed for what I thought would be a delightful sleep. Only, an hour later, the phone starts ringing. It was my one friend from where I used to live. Now I KNOW I sounded asleep still, slurring my words and barely making any sense, yet she still talked and talked and talked and talked and talked............ Until I have this vague feeling that I hung up on her and fell back asleep. I certainly don't remember the the usual "bye", "Bye" ending.....

Then deep sleep came upon me again.

Only for it to be disturbed an hour later by the kids arguing about cereal! Not even something worthwhile! This time, I didn't even move, I just screamed:


and yes, the exclamation marks did add emphasis! Enough that there was silence!

For about ten minutes.

Then G came home from work to to tell me that it was time to get up as his friends were coming. Now, I knew they were coming yet I was still a zombie for a good hour.

So, Doug and Leslie came and we had fun. We chatted, laughed, sat on the deck, ate and drank some beers and just chilled out. Oh, and got burned in the sun!

Later, I slept, we went to the hardware store to get some things and a sprinkler for the kids to play in, which they did. For about 2 minutes.

Now I'm here, telling you briefly (you didn't think I meant actual briefs now did you?) about my day. Tomorrow I'll be back to my former glory, but today was all about catching up with friends and trying to catch some sleep!

Hope you day was just as good!

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