Saturday, June 11, 2005

Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot Guy Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I married one of the nicest, sexiest funny guys ever. Aside from all the everyday 'guy' stuff that he does like support his family, give me lovin' whenever I need it, and all the other blah blah blah stuff, he is at his sexiest when he has something hard in his hand and is twisting. (we all remember his twisty porn poem don't we?)

Oh, hang on, you aren't thinking what I think you're thinking are you?

I meant his screwdriver!!!! Do the words 'gutter' and 'mind out of' mean anything to you?

Well, just so you can see how hot he is, here are some pictures of G in MY favourite position.

George and Dyson

Here, he is testing out my new Dyson Hoover (hahahahahaha - the Dyson guys must be puking right now!) We spent a shitload on this and he STILL had to fix something suctiony on it but anyway. My hoovering guy. Tell me, is there anything sexier than this? There is? Oh, it must be this next picture you are talking about.

George's arse

Oooooh, tasty tasty very very tasty, that's very tasty!

Here, he is building a drawer set we bought for Daniel. The power had just come back on after 3 hours so he could finally see what he was doing. Just look at the fine curvature of that arse. I know you hate it when I say it, but 'sopping knickers' alert..............

and talking of arses, here is a sneak peak at the fine piece of ass I get to go to bed with every night!


Loverly jubberly..........

and my fave pics and poses of all................


My man

So there you have it. My favorite George poses. What are your favorite poses? and yes, I want to see pictures.

and you know what I like almost as much as I like George? My pink flip flops.

My favourite flippy flops

and flowers. My mum sent me some flowers.

Flowers from mum

Today was a good day. Movies (Mr & Mrs Smith - Brilliant!), lunch, sexy man and a new hoover. That's all could ask for and that's what I got.

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