Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Day

Can you believe it? Finally, something worth blogging about!

Well, this morning I got up early, did my half hour on the eliptical (which I have to say is a triumph), showered then got ready to go shopping. Again? you ask. Yes, again.

I went to one of my favourite stores EVER, the fabulous Target - pronounced Tarjay - just so you know we are Upper Class! I had to buy myself some scales (foolishly thinking that maybe I had lost weight)

I hadn't......

The Liar

The Liar!

I bought myself some pretty pink sandals (for $10!!!!):

My new sandals

and a bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with.

Well, actually, I did buy a couple of these:

Romance Romance

Go on, pick yourself up off the floor. Yes, I read romance novels. By the hundreds per year. Are you shocked? Actually, I read them, and when I get to the steamy bits I just speed read through those, coz to tell the truth, once you've seen one Pirates unsheathed sword, you've seen them all! Really. I like reading the up-to-date romance novels, coz they swear and all sorts, they even say the C-word! Imagine that! Barbara Cartland must be spinning in her grave! Anyway, I have always read them, and I do now, if only to give G inspiration for things like this piece of art! (and no, this isn't about me!!!!! - really)

Then I came home and decided to take my two boys to the movies! Bonding, I think is what some parenting types might call it.

We went to see War of the Worlds. Now, I have come to not like Mr Cruise with a passion. Even Ms Mac is feeling a certain dislike for him, going so far as to call him an idiot! Much has been made of him in the news lately, and frankly, I am sick if it all, but still, I wanted to see the movie!

I'm glad I did.

It was ace.


He plays somewhat of a dick, but still, I fell in love with him all over again. I mean, he is a hottie, and the film? Well, what can I say. It was brilliant. Dakota Fanning is awesome as she always is, and the effects are cool. It was scary, funny, sad, and just-edge-of-your-seat fab.

But I haven't even got to the best bit yet!

No, this isn't about Tommy Boy, as hot as he is.

Oh no.

The previews for upcoming films?

Wait for it...........

Are you ready? Sopping Knickers Alert

Billllllllllllllly Bob

Yes, Billy of the Hot Hot Bob Thornton.

He is starring in the revamped Bad News Bears. Can you imagine how amazing this film will be?

It looks hilarious, and not just coz he is in it! I may even go so far as to be one of those kinds of people that camps out days before, in crappy tents, just to get a ticket for a midnight showing. He is that hot! Once upon a time, in my naive days, a dear friend once talked of her lust for this guy and I just poo poohed it. I mean, Billy Bob Thornton? But now, can you ever forgive me Tiff? Now, it's Billy Bob Thah ah ah ah ahnton....

After ogling the love of my life, I came home, and treated myself to this:

Afternoon tea, scones and a book

A perfect end to a perfect day! Cup of tea, (not powdered), book and scones (toffee scones at that).

Actually, it looks like it may storm so if it does? THAT will be the perfect end to this day! I *heart* storms.

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