Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh kill me now......

So I get up this morning and find out she's knocked up. Woppeedoo.

Now I could really care less but why all the crap in the news and magazines about how people keep making up all these pregnancy rumors etc., when it turns out it WAS true? Now I know people are going to say well, people are allowed privacy blah blah blah, but you know what? People in everyday life put up with gossip (god knows I've had so much said and written about me I could blog about it.... oh wait..... *has idea*) but you know what us every day folk do? We suck it up. Thats right. So Britney, SUCK IT UP! and please, if anyone EVER finds me watching this reality show, shoot me. It is here in writing. Shoot me.

On another note. Kim over at 'I wasn't always like this.....' has updated her blog from her Caribbean cruise. Wasn't I just saying in my previous post about needing a vacation? aaarrrgghhhhhh... way to go to make me jealous KIM!

You know how I told you I was feeling tired? and old? Well, I was at Ruksaks blog (I'm there every day) and I remembered this post of his. You should so check it out. I could literally see him aging as I read it. Amazing.

If you need any labels, pop over to Stella's place and your in!

Thats about it for now. Will update more later. I'm feeling angry about something but not sure what, but once I do know, oh you KNOW I'll be divulgin'........

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