Thursday, March 10, 2005

So what to do?

Well, with Blogger being a pain in the ass today, I had to find other things to do.

Ho hum....... (silence and those straw rolly things that get blown around in a western-type movie)

What did I used to do before blogging? It is such a dim and distant memory.

Well, I had three netflix DVD's to watch so I put the kettle on and got settled in.

Thanks to Blogger being down I endured the most crap film ever, Twisted with Ashley Judd. I guessed who the killer was in the first 5 minutes. The acting was dire.

Then I watched The Notebook and cried my eyes out for almost the entire film. It wasn't that good just sad.

I couldn't bear to watch another film after that soul destroying few hours.

So I was bored and sad. I'm sure THAT wasnt my life before Blogging. So thank you Blogger gods!

Then I decided to nap a while, (seeing as I'm working from 11 pm to 7 am) then Officer I'm-An-Ass decided to call around. Didn't have much to say except getting in my face YET AGAIN. After about 3 minutes of him berating me, I told him "Get Out Of My House" and kicked him out. Then called his supervisor who actually said the words "I've known him for 20 years and he does get like this, he gets too personal" Er, hello? If you know this why is he still being allowed to have this interaction with people? This just confirms my thoughts about this whole situation.

I will tell you two things I found out though.

First, the kids who attacked Dan? I was told that their dad is dealing with them? Well, they may be suspended from school but they aren't grounded or anything, they are roaming the streets as I type! This just makes me glad that I'm taking it further!

And secondly, I was told by Officer I'm-An-Ass's boss that this case IS going to Juvenile Court. Good! It isn't just being put to one side and forgotten about.

So that was my day! I'm hoping that tomorrow is better.

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