Sunday, March 20, 2005

"If it sounds like a fart, smells like a fart and feels like a fart coming out....

Then odds are, it is a fart!" - Said in response to my husbands question "was that a fart?" as I'm in the bath, farting, making bubbles and generally having a bubblicious old time! It even registered on the Richter scale! California disaster insurance rates are going up as we speak!

Yet another thing I like about being a grown up - being able to fart and not being scolded by a parent! (you should check out Cheryls blog in response to my "It's great to be a grown up because...." post)

So there you have it folks. I fart in the bath and I'm proud of it. Once when I was younger, I farted in the bath and my mom shouted upstairs thinking I was knocking on the floor, trying to get her attention for her to bring some soap up or something! Thats how loud it was!

Oh, it's great to be me some days! (Ms Mac is now regretting the offer of the visit!)

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