Tuesday, February 08, 2005

To whomever (and believe me, I have a whole bunch of names I wanted to call you) did this to my vehicle yesterday....


CHEERS! I have to now have the whole front bumper, the hood AND the side wing replaced! GGGGrrrrrr........ (*seethes*)

* and you didn't even have the balls to leave me one of these....

4I'mSorry note

It wouldn't have helped, but may have softened the blow (no pun intended!)

and while I'm currently in a pissy mood (I promise, once I've posted, I'll cheer up!)

WHO in their right minds thinks that THIS is acceptable to have in your front yard?

yard crap

Seriously, what did you do? Go to a carnival, see this horse and think "Ooo, I have the perfect spot for that!" No dude, you don't.......

People, if anyone has pictures of yard crap worse than this, please e-mail them to me. I will set up a montage of them.....

OK, now off to surf my favorite blogs, and hopefully I'll find something to cheer me up. Feel free to leave me a comment to make me happy!

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