Friday, February 18, 2005

Supersize me? .... I don't think so!

I know I'm behind the times, but have you seen the 'Supersize Me' movie yet? I have had it from Netflix for a good month, so I thought I would take some time away from blogging and watch it. (did you miss me?) Oh My God! The movie in itself was pretty good, I'd definitely recommend you watch it if you haven't already! Morgan - the guy eating the McDonalds, was a nice guy and funny and intelligent too. I didn't really learn much that I didn't already know. However! and you knew there was a however!

At the end of the movie, you know in the extras part? They have this bit where they have say 6 large glass cookie jars, and in each they put a McDonalds burger. In one, a Big Mac, in the other a Double Cheeseburger, in another a Filet-o-Fish, etc., Well in one of the jars they put a portion of McDonalds fries, and the object of them doing this is to film the items over a period of 6 months to see what will happen to them. They go back week after week and film the food deteriorating, going black and putrid and liquifying


- all that is, except for the fries.


The fries stay in exactly the same condition as when they first went in. Right up to the 2 month mark wherein the food smells so bad they throw it all out. Can you believe that? the fries stayed the same? And this is what we eat? That shit is in our stomach? I tell you, that scene alone has made me not eat McDonalds ever again.

My kids however, may tell a different story.

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