Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A picture just to push that Yanni one down...... (and a competition!)

Even I'm sick of seeing Yanni everytime I look at my blog, so I found this to make you giggle a smidge!


Oh, and I have to say that my man was definitely feeling the luuurve yesterday thanks to all your comments!

Ms Mac: we can share him anytime, you kow that!
Sis: He does have a great sense of humor! and thanks for the A+ vote for my blog too!
Mad Bagagge: it wasn't a hard choice, but something was hard later ;)
Cliff: you never gave me an update on how those elf shorts went down with your missus!
Barb: he didn't know about it but was OK once he saw the love!
Karma: We DID have a great VD, and it got better as the day went on!
Mongakim: he DID leave me speechless later on ;)
Mrs Mogul: What is NOT to like about Yanni? Your sis has great taste!
Gabriel Llanas: ANOTHER Bubba Ho-Tep fan? Blimey!
Whatevasista: you like long hair? isn't that anti-boy band?
Col: Hassle the Hoff? Sounds dirty but I'll give it a try!:)
LL Coffee: a rather wide belt? I wish!
Panthergirl: Now if it was Julian McMahon in those elf boxer shorts, that would be even better donchyathink?
Frally: they DO have a very roomy crotch area!
Drainbrain: you would take the Hoffmeister? Noooooooooooooooo (echoes)

now for the competition part!

If anyone can come up with a funny slogan for that picture of my man, I will send you the shorts!!! (of course they will be washed and dried for you!;)

Just in case you need to see it again, here it is! If you look closely you will see that each of those pointy bits (and not the pointy bit you are thinking of though it could be) has a small bell on the end! - How I am typing this with a straight face is beyond me!!(I have to look away as my eyes are burning from over-exposure!!!)


Comment away!
Competition closes midnight tonight!

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