Thursday, February 17, 2005


I just saw that the "e-mail me" thingy on the right gives out the wrong address! HOW did that happen? How many thousands of people have sent e-mails that are now floating in the e-mail hyper-space thingy, just waiting for a home? How many people think I'm rude for not responding.... *weeps softly*.....

Think back, if you have sent me an e-mail, please remember what it was, put my mind at rest, and give those homeless e-mails a hug and send 'em here.....(I fixed it)

Frally, if you sent an e-mail with your addy on for those shorts, please resend.....

Now, please read the post below to find out who won those shorts while I go get a stiff drink to get over this shock.... I think I need to find a support group somewhere. Now where did I put my Yellow Pages?

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