Monday, February 21, 2005

Boy I remembered some stuff..........

OK. I saw everyone doing these lists of 100 things about them, and thought I would do one myself. However, I couldn't think of anything interesting, then Ms Mac reminded me of a few things so I thought I'd give it another try! Here goes!

  1. I am 35 and will soon be in my late 30's (or as Ms Mac puts it "When you're in your late whatevers that means you're on your way to your next decade and my next decade starts with a 4.")
  2. I have been (and still am) married only once to an American, but he isn't the 1st American I dated!
  3. That was an American GI in Germany back in '87.
  4. His name was Carlton Bender (and I got my arse ripped for that last name I tell you!)
  5. He was hot (but not as hot as my husband;)
  6. When I left England to be married, the Daily Mirror did a full page article on us. (You've Got Mail had just come out at the movies so it coincided with that! - the title of the article was You've Got Male! )
  7. George and I renewed our wedding vows at 5 years and this time the Yorkshire Evening Post did a full page article on it!
  8. We have been married almost 6 years and that is my longest relationship EVER.
  9. We met through the internet and have various versions of the exact nature of this meeting - which do you want?.
  10. I have dated many men and all but a few cheated on me.
  11. However, I have also cheated on boyfriends in the past.
  12. I slept with one of my bosses - and it wasn't for a promotion!
  13. I have flirted with and made out with one of my dads friends!
  14. I speak with a Yorkshire accent.
  15. I can't do an American accent - well, I apparently can do a crappy Southern accent!
  16. I have taught George too many UK slang words and now he uses them on me all the time, sounding more Yorkshire than I do!
  17. I used to drink Woodpecker Cider.
  18. I can now no longer drink that septic stuff!
  19. I once got drunk at 13 with my cousin and left her shitfaced on a bench at a local shopping center and she was taken to the hospital by ambulance - I was trying to walk home, note "trying".
  20. I once deliberately spilled Pernod and Blackcurrant down a womans white dress coz she was hitting on my dad.
  21. I don't like Brussel sprouts and was force-fed them by my mum when I was younger. I have since found out that she doesn't like them herself!
  22. I am only at 22?
  23. I once saw Princess Diana at Rounday Park (she drove past us waving).
  24. It was a day I'll never forget.
  25. Another day I'll never forget is her funeral day. Cried buckets!
  26. I am an Emergency Medical Technician! Yeay!
  27. I saw two autopsies and they were the coolest thing EV-ER!
  28. I want to be a CSI and marry Gil Grissom.
  29. I went to the movies with George to see Antz and we made out. We were the only ones in there!
  30. I have only ever wished one person would die and when they did, I didn't feel guilty.
  31. I have lied at least once a day - for no apparent reason.
  32. I should stop doing that.
  33. None of the above things I have told you are lies.
  34. Seeing as I'm only at 34, there may be some to come! :)
  35. My age! Oh, I already told you that. Well, I'm still counting it as a number.
  36. I have never skipped school. EVER.
  37. I once played an angel in the school play and wore a white see through costume with navy blue knickers underneath it.
  38. I was the May Queen at my nursery. It involved me wearing a crown, cape etc., and sitting on a throne.
  39. I miss my brother David who lives in New Zealand and who I haven't seen for 5 years. Not even a picture!
  40. I once kissed a cousin.
  41. I once started a fight between two people with a complete lie and they never found out.
  42. I once had a cousin who irritated the shit out of me wanting to hang out with me all the time. I knew she was a bedwetter so I sneaked into the bathroom, got a sponge and soaked her bed with it and she was grounded even though she didn't even do anything!
  43. I have many cousins (all of whom have probably wet the bed at some point) so they will have no idea which one I am talking about.
  44. I kind of knew that my dad was going to kill himself but I didn't think too much about it, didn't think he would, and he did.
  45. I will never EVER forgive myself for that.
  46. When my dad died, and I went to the chapel of rest, I wanted to hold his hand so much but was scared to.
  47. That is something I will never ever forget.
  48. I once spent more money on myself than the kids one Christmas. But it was worth it.
  49. I wear fleecy jimjams to bed.
  50. I hate sexy lingerie (sp?)
  51. Once when I was about 11, I was walking alone and some guy shouted me over to his vehicle. I started to walk over to him but then saw that he was masturbating and he stood up and started to grab me me but I ran.
  52. I could be dead now if I had been closer to him.
  53. I didn't tell my mom about that.
  54. My friends did. After I had told them about a year later.
  55. I have some relatives that I don't like.
  56. I have never smoked. EVER.
  57. But I have drunk a lot.
  58. I can never drink tequila agan. The smell of it makes me physically ill.
  59. Ferris Wheels and tequila don't mix.
  60. I hate people who pretend to me native to their region. As in, Yorkshire people being too Yorkshire (you know who I mean!!!)
  61. I have tons of gay friends.
  62. Why?
  63. I love comedy. If I could watch a comedy stand up show 24/7, I would.
  64. Laughing makes me very very happy.
  65. I named my daughter (with the help of my mom) after Mick Jagger's daughter - kinda.
  66. I love my kids more than life itself - though they don't realise this, especially my soon to be 16 year old. (the mere fact that he will reach 16 should tell him something!)
  67. I am almost at the end!
  68. I have flirted with someone to get something - and it worked.
  69. Does that make me a whore? - oh well!
  70. I have had sex at work. (that one kinda jumped in there!)
  71. I would never ever move back to England.
  72. But I wish certain people over there would move here, I miss them.
  73. I can remember the name AND year that people pissed me off - I NEVER forget!
  74. I am excellent at not talking to people I don't want to. I can freeze you bitches out in a heartbeat!
  75. I am really getting into this!
  76. I love blogging.
  77. I check my e-mails all the time - about once or twice an hour and get really dejected if I don't have any. Even the porn ones mean that someone cares! or does it?
  78. I keep in touch with everyone. I send cards, letters, e-mails etc.,
  79. I get pissed off when friends don't.
  80. I need to lose about 30 pounds.
  81. I will never do another of these lists again (well, I will if it is titled "3 things........")
  82. I wish I was richer, but I'm not. Only rich in love.
  83. I have never fancied or chased after a friends boyfriend.
  84. I have cheated on one guy, he read about it in my diary (yeah, I kept one) and he STILL wanted to date me!
  85. I STILL have all my diaries and when I read them, I remember the stuff like it was yesterday.
  86. I have never cheated on my husband.
  87. I like banana and apple sandwiches.
  88. I like Beef and Onion crisp sandwiches.
  89. I will never eat tripe.
  90. I will only smooch with my husband, not actually dance with him. He can't dance. Really.
  91. I don't shave the tops of my legs if I don't have to.
  92. I love all kinds of music, country, classical, rock etc.,
  93. I used to be able to play the guitar.
  94. I don't want to re-learn.
  95. I haven't lied yet in this list.
  96. I have never had sex with more than one person at a time. EVER. Apparently my husband has.
  97. I really don't have a BEST friend. I have great friends, and cousins (Clairebear is both) but I don't have a BEST friend.
  98. That depresses me more than anything in the entire world.
  99. But I love my husband.
  100. I will be checking this comment section every 5 minutes to read reactions. Please leave one :)

So people, did you learn something? Do you feel like you know me now? Good.

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