Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What kind of idiots are out there????????

You all saw my previous post about the "woman who couldn't". Well, to continue about idiots.......

Story #1

You may have seen this story in the news a couple of days ago and just thought, "Oh, it's some cute little old guy - someone's grandpa probably, just trying to have a bit of fun and Walmart are just being a mega pain in the arse and a spoilsport to boot".

Well, THAT little old grandpa was handing out THIS. Do your thoughts change any? Now that little old grandpa, has become a scabby old pervert in your mind and if I for one had seen him hand this out, would have kicked his arse! (I'd still shop at Walmart, but kicking his arse would make me feel a BIT better - old or not). Idiot.

Story #2

How did this guy, forget that he won all that money? Was he not on TV for 16 straight weeks? Was he not plastered all over the news? etc., You just don't forget over a million dollars. Idiot.

Story #3

This story has made the news today. Amazing. Idiots.


: JustaDog said...

LOL - yeah, idiots for sure. But hey, if they weren't around we'd have less to laugh at. Besides, they help make the good people look that much better.

That old perv. picture - very scarry creapo!


Ms Mac said...

re story 3- I have often wondered what would happen if I got called for jury duty. I am a dreadful gossip and would end up blurting everything to my beloved when I got home. If I told the judge that would they let me off jury duty? Or would I be threeatened with contempt of court or some other Alley McBeal phrase and chucked in prison?
Thankfully, I've never been asked to do Jury Duty so I've never had a chance to find out!

Katya said...

hilarious - where do you find these things...the guy in the walmart sack was really funny...