Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nasty Nasty Nasty....

What is that makes a man (or woman for that matter) think that this, this and this is attractive?

Having never been this size (nor wanted to BE this size), I can't imagine how these people move. I mean, imagine if you were wearing ALL the clothes you own at the same time, somewhat resembling a Michelin Man, and trying to move, it would be almost impossible. Yet these people CHOOSE to have a body like this!

And please, what is with the ORANGE skin color?

I'm sure I'll get tons of comments slagging me off for bitching bodybuilders out, but hey, it's my blog......

Don't they know that once they stop building their bodies, they are more than likely going to look like this?.

Attractive? I think not!

Anyway, going from puke to cute.....

Separated at birth?

Benicio Del Toro


Brad Pitt


What do you think? (p.s. if you go to Google and type in Brad Pitt and click on images, the first picture is a nudey rudey one! ;) Probably done in Photoshop but hey, a widgy is a widgy don't matter none who it belongs to!!!!)

And how funny is this?



karma said...

gross! but gimme those twin hunks any day ;))

Anonymous said...

Bodybuilders are terrifying. Period.


Ms Mac said...

Oooh, I was scared to have a look at those piccies for a minute in case they were of the really big fat chicks! But I completely agree with you. It's not attractive at all- quite the opposite in fact. For me, there's nothing wrong with a bit o'meat and a washboard for woollens stomach!

Benicio- Yummmm!
Brad Pitt- Blahhhh!

And you're a very funny girl- that first google image of Brad is a cracker!

Andi said...

But you know what you do with crackers don't you hahahahahahaha..... Oh, I better stop!

Anonymous said...

This is Deb, your blog is awesome......