Sunday, January 16, 2005

It was cold!

So I went out last night and had so much fun! Met two new people but can't remember their names (I think the guy was called Don?). I didn't have too much to drink, a few beers and one cherrybomb but apparently I was pissed as a newt. Chris and Michelle gave me a lift home and about 10 minutes (in drunk time, in reality it was probably one) prior to us leaving, Chris went out to warm the truck/car/van? up (I have no idea what kind of vehicle took me home)......

So we get in the 'vehicle', and it was freezing. Not just cold, but freeze-yer-arse-off-breath-in-the-air kind of cold. So, whenever I'm cold, my teeth start chattering.


So Chris thinks I'm making it up and he couldn't hear them coz I'm assuming the 'vehicle' was making too much noise, so I started humming tunes so he could hear my teeth. That is all I remember from last night. Must have been good! Went back to the bar this morning for breakfast and to pay the tab, and it appears I only drunk 7 beers! For $2 a pop. I'm not only cheap but I know how to have a good time.

I do have a headache though.

I was reading a book this morning (yes, I read.) and one character was thinking that the woman he looked at had "Generous hips". Now I asked my husband if he thought mine were generous and he said yes. I asked him what the definition of generous was in context with my hips and he answered correctly "Sexy".

Anyway, Ms. Mac! What happened to Wenchy McWench? Can't get her blog up! Wassupwidat?

I was surfing on Blog Clicker (which is now part of my daily routine; get up, pooter on, get wash, brush teeth, surf) and came across this new blog. I'm linking him in as I think he's funny as a MoFo. Offensively funny. You've been warned!

You know what I love? People who leave comments! Even if it's just to say how they came by my blog. Oh, and comments left on Blog Explosion for me. With good ratings... I love that :) Am I shameless whore? ahahahahaha

And that, my friends is all I have to say so far on this fine and ... oh, wait, yes..... SNOWY day.


Jilly said...

Wow, your teeth are so white, you had a bleach job?

Anonymous said...

You would be cold and asking for a jumper if you were on fire!!