Friday, January 14, 2005

I'm not complaining but.......

Sometime around 1:00 am.....

Him: (who has had flu for what seems like 6 months now) Cough! Hack! Clearing of throat! Cough! Choking sound!

Me: (In the midst of a sexy not-gay Tom Selleck dream)'kay? (oblivous to response, falls back asleep)

Him: Cough! Splutter! Yeah! Go back to sleep.....

One minute later

Him: Cough! Hack! Cough! Cough! (Gets up to go to the bathroom to clear what he just coughed up - sounding like a herd of elephants)

Me: (Sighing coz I'm getting pissed) Turn over and try to get back to me and Tom

Him: Gets back into bed, STILL coughing. Sits up and gets a Halls cough drop from a bag on his bedside table (You know when you are at the movies and people are eating and making a shitload of noise?)

You getting the picture yet?

One minute later

Dogs: Bark! Bark!

Cats: Scratching at doors.

Him: Cough! Splutter! Cough! Crunch crunch Cough!

Me: Sighing even louder (like that is making a huge difference)


Him: Gets up and goes downstairs.

Me: Wide awake, and straight to the computer to complain to you all about it! Thats loyalty for ya!

Me: Now I'm off back to bed so I'm not a crabby Bee atch all day today.


Him: Gets back into bed and then proceeds to complain that I'M keeping HIM awake!!!!!


Lou Lou said...

been there just last week
god how they can string it out!

Anonymous said...

hahah!!! Been there!!!

I live in an 18 storey apartment building, and my bedroom windows face the corridor... and the corridor has four chute thingees running from ground floor all the way up to the top (great for sound to travel, with a decent echo and everything...)

Anyway, someone, somehwere, maybe not even anywhere close to my floor, decided to remodel their flat. COmpletely. 7am to 10pm.

You get the picture :)


maria said...

Here, at our house, it's the other way around.
I'm the one who moves my legs and cough a lot
during the night.Fortunately, hubby sleeps like
a he never complains...

After reading your post, I consider myself
awfully lucky.