Saturday, January 15, 2005

I can't sit here all day....

Today I am making time for other things than my computer. I can't sit here all day click click clicking away, I have other things to do.

Like sit in front of my TV all day watching the three DVDs I got from Netflix that I've had since before Christmas. I think I'm going to forget how hot Tony Soprano really is and we can't have that! So people, today, you'll find me downstairs watching DVDs. If you need me, you know where to holla! :)

Actually, I will watch only one (coz Netflix sent my disks out of order so I'll be watching one and be back in no time....) Please have interesting things to say for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea

I know what u meant. Cos I've been stuck to the PC clicking away with the help of Not forgetting the fact tat my 7yo son is down with chicken pox thus need constant supervision to drink plenty *kekekekeke*

Then I too hv a few DVDs which just came in from the mail which need my reviews *yeah boy!!!*

Well, both of them can wait for .... another 1hr, right :P LOL!!!!!!

Agnes, Singapore

PS: Yup, I "found" u via blog clicker :P

SethIsRoot said...

Hey, nice blog. I don’t know about Tony Soprano being hot but I definitely love the show. It’s especially cool because I grew up in the area that the show is filmed so I always like recognizing stores and streets I know. Oh and thanks for the comment on my blog. Later.

Ms Mac said...

What is it about Tony Soprano that we women love? He's an overweight, sexist, amoral pig who only performs oral sex on his wife once a year for her birthday. And yet I'd drop mine for him in a heartbeat!

Ooh, that was a bit crude wasn't it?

Ms Mac said...

surfed in through Blog Clicker!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea

I got the pic in blog from It's a forum full of layouts for xanga & blogger blogs.

Last but not least, thanks for dropping by too. And also for bookmarking me. Cos I'll do likewise with u too. :)

Agnes, Singapore

panthergirl said...

Forget BE and BC... we need to start BA...Blogger's Anonymous. I, too, need to get this thing off my lap and do something productive like watch the Jets game. At least I did get to the gym this morning. :)

8ZERO8 said...

I was a Netflix junkie until my wife and I got a TiVo. But we had forgotten how bad the movies were on cable so now we're trying Blockbuster's rip-off of Netflix. I feel like such a traitor.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

Tony Soprano is hot in a "I will break you face now come her and kiss me" sort of way.

Tisha from Texas said...

well, I don't find Tony Soprano attractive but I love the show.
Saturdays always confuse me - should I clean, read, take the kids on an educational journey, sleep, take up knitting, learn a second language, WHAT? So much to do that sitting in front of the boob tube is easy.
Great blog
come see mine if you have time

Anonymous said...

the only thing that gets me off my butt nowadays besides chores is that i went and tried on a size 8 bridal gown yesterday ( which could be THE ONE ) and it almost fits!!!! Now i'm doing pilates daily...that'll do me some good..*hehe*