Saturday, January 08, 2005

Danscray on the gramscray

Can you all tell that from the title that I have NO IDEA what Pig Latin is? How to use it and what it's use in the spoken language is? The title is exactly what I hear when people talk in Pig Latin. Like kids when their parents are going on at them they hear Blah blah blah. I hear what I put in the title whenever Pig Latin is spoken.

Seriously, when I first heard it on a TV show (probably Friends or something) the person saying it was trying to not let someone around them understand - well, I didn't understand never mind the intended individual.

I have a mind set that if it's difficult to understand then I'm not going to learn it. Especially when it doesn't even have meaning. Either that or I'm just thick as two short planks and I'd prefer it to be the former thank you very much! (I'm the same way with math too!)

So I'm sorry to all those people out there that that can speak Pig Latin fluently - I'm lost in a fog when you speak it.

(Mind you, all the people I know who want to talk about me will talk incessantly like this now !)

Anyway, I've got catching up to do on Blog Explosion - been reading loads of good blogs for a change and will be linking some in on the right soon.

On a last note, Ms Mac is back! Yeah!


Terry said...

Hi popped in from BE, I remember pig Latin from those turbulent junior high days (oh 20 years ago or so). Nothing difficult, move the first consonants to the end of the word and add "ay". Silly eh (or illySay ehay)?

drainbrain said...

i never got the whole pig latin thing either. i figured if you don't want someone to hear what you have to say, either whisper in their ear or mumble the word. mumbling is a much understated and forgotten artform... one of which i had mastered very well in school and still use to this day when i try to convince the boyfriend i haven't eaten the last piece of shortbread.

greeneyed_girl_in_cali said...

I haven't heard about pig latin in so long :) My mom and sister and I used to talk like but i was always really slow at it so it just didn't have the same impact. LOL My grandma still tries to use it to say something private to my mom infront of us (lol i'm 25 and my sisters 22 gram we know piglatin now) Now days if you want to say something to somebody and have it be more private you just text message them on your cell. LOL

Cattiva said...

I always ACTED like I could understand pig latin. But, like you, I am clueless.

Pigs said...

Ihay ovelay ouryay logbay! ;o)