Thursday, January 13, 2005


Click on this!


Atomic Bombshell said...

That's what I like about you.... always SAFE!

Ms Mac said...

Ewww- No thankyou!

I have to go and make the mince and tatties for tea now, if I can peel my ass of the computer chair!

Bran said...

Ah yes, I frequently repackage and send in my used rubbers to amazon. Who knows, your husband and I might have shared a few times...bleh. srry.

Finally, a good blog via blogexplosion.

Sparkle said...

Hi. Another visit to your blog! (Did I comment before, I don't know?) I would like to spread the word that visiting through BE prevents me from logging in to Blogger to post comments! (Halo Scan, I suggest)

Anyway, nice posts. Very funny picture. I can't think of my favorite funny song, or much of anything right now, I'm very tired and head achey. :-(

Anti-Blogger said...

I buy my condoms online ALL the time. Even the used ones.

drainbrain said...

i guess if you are one of those weird hippy types, a used condom would be the go.
afterall... recycling is good for the environment