Monday, December 13, 2004


I was too drunk to get back on my blog to announce the winner of Survivor last night (sorry Ms Mac..... I hope I didn't keep you up waiting for the announcement :). It was CHRIS! Yeay!

As mentioned previously, I decided to get a red hot bath, and drink some wine. Now, people who know me, know that if I DO drink wine, I only drink the cheapest, sweetest, boxiest, crappy wine I can find! And I did! In fact, this is one of them. Funnily enough, my husband is called George, my daughter is nicknamed Peach and our last name is Knapp so I was really drinking for the family! :) How coincidental is that? But it was good. I drank two bottles, (they were only small), and just enjoyed myself. We watched a bit of Americas Funniest Videos (which when you are drunk is THE funniest show! - probably why it's called AFV I guess..........) and waited anxiously for Survivor to start. And we weren't disappointed. It was good, and Chris won so I was even happier. The reunion show afterwards is also good coz thats when they all get together and start to slag each other off etc., But half way through that show I was just too drunk and went to sleep.......

Woke up feeling like crap so had a cup of tea! The weather is crap, it's snowing and we are expected to get a foot of snow by tonight! Woop ee Doo! The only good news is that the Automatic Van Starter G got me for Christmas LAST YEAR is going to be installed this week! Apparently it was a two step present. Step one, receive the gift, Step two, Install the gift the following year and have that classed as a seperate present! I don't really care, so long as it's in! He is so sweet, he always scrapes the windows for me coz I'm too wimpy to get out and do it myself... Hey, have I TOLD you how much of a BEE ATCH I am when I'm cold......?

No snow days announced yet on TV (but they'll come, oh you can bet on that!!!!) so as soon as the kids are out I'm watching Desperate Housewives I taped last night. Then I have major major cleaning to do as Claire will be here tomorrow! Yeay!

And so far, thats it which isn't too bad as it is only 7:20 am! Time for another cup o' tea I think! I love tea.

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