Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunamis, the missing brother and snowy beaches

Today has been a day of recovery, not only for Claire, George and I from Saturday night, but also for the thousands of people affected by the tsunamis that hit on Sunday. (Nice lead in there don't you agree?).

Anyway, you see Tsunamis on TV on such great programmes like the Weather Channels Storm Stories, and when you hear these almost legendary stories its one thing, but when you see them how we saw them Sunday, it is another. Seeing video footage from camcorders and hearing the shock in peoples voices etc., is amazing. I saw in this story that tourists have been helping out the injured, dying and dead. And thinking of tourists, made me think of my brother David.

Alot of travellers to these affected countries (especially Thailand), are from the Australia/New Zealand region, countries that my brother is supposedly living. He travels around the world and Australia and New Zealand are where he is now. He has been there for over three years, as some sort of Scuba Diving Welder? Well, Dave called me (something he doesn't do often) back in March, and told me that he would be travelling around Christmas. That was the last call he gave me and who knows where he is at today. Probably still scuba diving in New Zealand but as mentioned, many tourists from New Zealand go to the Tsunami hit regions, he could be there.......

He could be one of the missing! I have no way to contact him, no last number etc, and my requests for Dave to call me at least once a month just to reassure me that he is OK have apparently fallen on deaf ears. As you can now see, my not knowing what is going on with him, regardless of where he is or how he is, is affecting me on the other side of the world here in Cleveland! Something he didn't think about!

If anyone out there down under, knows of a David Mason, English and 34 years old..... or knows how I could even begin to find out how to get in touch with him, please let me know! I'd sure appreciate it, and so would my family!

Meanwhile, back in little old Mentor on the Lake, today we did more shopping for Claire. Fortunately we weren't returning anything as THAT line at Khols wrapped around the store at least 5 times! After shopping, we decided to go take some more photographs of M-O-L, and the snow here. It was cool (not in the freezing temperature kind of cool way). We went to both beaches nearby. Overlook Beach has ice already starting to get thicker over the waters edge, and Headlands Beach had tons of snow on the sand. You could see some sand ON the snow and it just looked like cinnamon sprinkled on white foam kinda like a hot cuppa cappucino. It was freezing and Claire for some unknown - and insane - reason, decided to go in her trainers (sneakers for the US of us). Even though she had a perfect pair of of wellies - You saw them earlier, the pink daisy ones! Then she said her feet were cold and wet? Figures! I think we took some nice pictures - I would - I took most of them! but let me know what you think of them!

Now we are back at home, Claire is putting all her photos in her album and is then going to pack all her stuff she has bought so far (tons of it apparently - she has one case filled).

There isnt anything on TV, so I'm going to sort some of my own pics out and just finish some laundry.


Josse said...

Hope your brother calls home.

Anonymous said...

My family is back in Malaysia but Thank God the state they were in was not affected. I really hope you hear from your brother soon. I know shivers were running down my spine as I tried contacting my family


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to complement you on the pictures you guys posted. BRILLIANT! Also, apparently, you've got a bunch of your friends checking the Blog. BRILLIANT!
Google Search: andrea knapp blog -> #1,#2,#3
Google Search: george knapp blog -> stopped after page three of the guy from vegas. Want me to help with the rankings G.?

Incidentally, the tragic Tsunami seems so remote - until taken in the context of 9/11. May God be with all those people