Friday, December 03, 2004

Todays thoughts

Polygraph anyone?

Well, It has been over a week (I know that Thanksgiving was part of it but WHATEVER) and I still have not heard back from the Police Department about my polygraph test. Now I KNOW I told the truth - honest! - so what could be the hold up? Who knows? But I tell you as more time passes I'm kind of getting to not care less anymore about the job! I mean, the whole process has taken forever - I applied to take the test at the end of August for christs sake!!!!! If I know I told the truth in that test, and they decide to not take the process any further then that is their loss, not mine but it is so FRUSTRATING!!!! Thats all I'm saying about that!

Words that piss me off

Freakin' - We know what you are meaning when you say that so just go ahead and FREAKIN say that word!!!

Anyhoo - WHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTT? I want to smack the living shit out of people 'hoo' say that.

AFLAC - Need I say more? or should we just hunt the duck down and stuff it?

People that cheered me up today

My old neighbor Kat. When I first came to the US she was a great help to me, and she was the first person I went away with for a weekend and I had such a great time, drinking, boating etc., She called me today and I haven't heard from her for AGES. She cheered me up with a simple phone call! Thats all it takes, I'm so easy

My husband George
- for simply putting up with me constantly hinting that I want more Christmas presents (even though he has already got me more than I need or could ever want :)

Deb - for making me laugh with her "I was Mother-fucking this and mother-fucking that". She is one funny lady!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean

George LOVES this movie in fact it was rated 24 in his top 100 movies. I never could quite understand his fascination with it but this afternoon I sat and watched a bit with Nick and actually chuckled at it and am thinking I may become a fan of this film! Amazing. Just one more way I can endear myself to George.

Verona Johnstone

This woman WAS the oldest woman in America. Now why would anyone want to live this long? I mean, sooner or later you would just think "Oh, Fuck it, I'm outta here" what with all the shit that is going on in this world, and once you are old and infirm and can't do anything for yourself why bother holding on? I mean, if I get like that, send me to Switzerland and be done with me. Cheers

Those were my thoughts today. OK, I had many more but can't write about most of them for fear of retribution! Did I spell that right? Let me just check with the Google-meister.......

Apparently I did! Yippee..... Oh shit, I forgot to add that to my list of words I FREAKIN hate..... (especially when it is used in that god-awful advert at the movies for Skittles bubblegum....) I'm nauseous thinking about it...... (and I totally spelt that word right, I don't even need to check!

See ya tomorrow!:)

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