Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm a survivor!

You never realise just how much attention you pay to someone writing a word until you see this show and it's the tribal council.

Tonights show, Eliza was all for voting Scout off, and she was crying saying how much she would miss Ami etc., and we (the public) were 100% she was going to vote Scout off. Then Eliza goes to the area to vote, and she gets the piece of paper, the pen and starts to write a name. BUT - She doesn't starts to write an S - oh no, she looks like she is going to write an A. And the powers that be at CBS pull the camera away leaving you guessing for a few moments more.....

Drum roll........

And yes, she wrote an A for Ami! Wey hey!!!!!!

I told you, an awesome show!

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