Monday, December 20, 2004

Good days....

Today was a good day! I've had good days since Claire Bear got here and today was nicer but I can't put my finger on why so don't ask.

I got a nice e-mail from my new good friend Ms Mac and some people responded* about the pictures I posted!

Michelle (who listens to JET) wants a pair of the pink daisy designed wellies that Claire was wearing in a size 5.5. Payless has a wide range of wellies and I'm gonna get me some real soon. $19.99

Ms Mac wants to know where Claire got the lovely red top that she was wearing to Rick and Jills party. Dorothy Perkins! Fine range of clothing.

No one has yet asked me for the recipe for the trifle we took - but the receipe is available should anyone so desire! :)

Claire and I did some MORE shopping if you can imagine, photo development etc., and then back to Tar-sjet.... We came home, made some lovely chicken dinner and are now relaxing all cool and whatever........ (tried to interject with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song there but it wouldn't come - sorry)

I e-mailed an old school friend of mine who got in touch after she saw the article on the renewal of wedding vows that G and I did in July (I''l try and get that article up here for you) and that was nice.......

Now G wants to push me off my Blogging so he can Blog Explosion! How nice!

Anyway, we didn't do anything significant, but just had a nice day.

*I'm sure fellow Bloggers will agree that strangers posting comments on your blog is one of the nicest feelings! Makes you feel recognized in some way.....Like you do have an existence. ?

Days till Christmas Day?


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