Thursday, December 23, 2004

And it just keeps coming down.......

Well, only one post yesterday mainly because some &%$#*@ somehow got the Trojan virus on my computer! hhhmmmpphh.

But my man fixed it and we are back to normal almost!

Yesterday was uneventful aside from that, we went out drinking but I came home early coz I was exhausted (I tell you, I'm not the drinker I used to be). George and Claire stayed out and she had a cherry bomb (for those faithful blog readers, you will recall that Claire and Cherry bombs don't mix too well - which should read as Claire + Cherry Bomb = Blowing chunks out of my van window :) She'll be thrilled that I wrote this!!!)

It snowed like a mother yesterday and Claire being the visitor is our snow gauge. Meaning, we get Claire to stand outside and take a picture, then an hour later, get her to stand back outside and take another picture to see how much snow fell! :) She LOVES it!

If you see these pics, you will see how it turned out. The snow turned to rain/sleet mix overnight which made the roads nice and icy and then changed back to snow today, so Claire, if you are reading this later, get ready to go back outside and have more pics taken :)

We are taking it easy today and then going back out tonight with our good friends Chris and Michelle etc., I promise, I WILL be staying out tonight........

More pics of Claire later....

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