Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Someone recently sent me this. It's a website solely put in place to check out and give answers to urban myths and legends. Now, it's quite a good website and sometimes you just get too many e-mails that are warnings about this and about that, and this website is good for checking them out. But I swear, whether it's just me being weird - I don't know - but when you check the website out, it is kinda depressing. I mean, I want some of the nice e-mails to be true I guess. Kinda like the one where the Dr is holding a hand of a baby which is still in the womb....... It turns out that the PICTURES are true but the story behind it is not. Oh well. If you ever get an e-mail that you think "THAT can't be true" then go to the SNOPES website and check it out. I'm 100% sure it will be there somewhere.

My e-mail has been down today and I won't get all my e-mails till later tonight so I will have moere interesting things to say tomorrow.

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