Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Serial Killers and me? The link is?

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See this picture? I was watching Court TV waiting with bated breath for the Verdict in the Scott Peterson case (which STILL isn't in yet), when they cut in with this story.

Can you imagine how shocked I was to see Mr Ron Kaplovitz defending this guy? Why you may wonder was I shocked? Did Andrea have some relationship that should not be mentioned with said lawyer? Is he her baby daddy? Has he - huh - defended Andrea at some point in her US existence? NO to all the above. Mr Kaplovitz was my Immigration Lawyer when I first moved over here and we lived in Detroit! Now, this thing doesn't end here. Oh no! The person that he is defending? One of his victims was killed on the very street I lived on when we first moved here!

How bizarre! I can't believe it!

Well, that is my news so far today. Stay tuned.......

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