Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bommy night

Well it's November 6th. Yesterday was Bonfire Night in the UK. Oh how I miss the fireworks, the smell of burning wood, the pork pies and mushy peas........ I remember all the kids used to go Chumping (chumping - to collect scrap wood, discarded furniture, garden gates and (if you live in Bradford) front doors for the bonfire. some chumpers raid other people's pyres, which is a real liberty.) weeks before hand. We always used to go to the factories and get pallets.... It's good to read the next day that the local fire departments are kept busy earning their wages!

We didn't do anything really interesting last night. Watched a bit of TV, had some chinese then went to bed. Watched a movie this morning Identity. I thought it was pretty good the first time, and half way through I'm like "what the fuck? Where did that come from?". I thought the ending was really stupid but it was a good film. The second time I watched it I was like "Oh, this film is crap, you can totally see through it all. So it's really up to you as for if you want to watch it.

Then I went shopping and I just have to tell you I hate it. I'm not the only one.

I have also decided that as of today I am to be known only as Lady Andrea Louise Knapp of the Canton Knapps, so please address me as such forthwith.....

Be back shortly. Oh, and make sure you check the monthly photos at the side. I am putting daily ones up there but then adding them to the monthly slideshow.........

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