Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What I did today!

Well, the first thing on my agenda was calling Alltel! For those who do NOT know, Alltel is by far THE worst cell phone company in the world. Aside from dropping calls, not getting any signal, incorrect billing etc., the customer service is non-existent. In fact today I was called "Confused" by one of their morons! What is that all about? After being on hold for over 45 minutes and being passed from department to department and constantly giving my info out to EVERY single department, they put me on hold again and disconnected the call! Well, I could not take calling them again so that is now another job for another day. When will it ever end? :(

Then I went to see my good friend Deb to try and chill out. Drank tons of coffee which did NOT help calm me down but laughing about other stuff helped a smidge. Now I'm home and messing around with this BLOG site. Once I have the hang of it it will be alot better I promise! But if anyone wants to comment on how crappy Alltel is feel free! You are not alone!

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