Friday, October 22, 2004


I think I'm going to do a list of things that I hate every Friday coz alot of things annoy me and irritate me and this is the place to vent!

1. Is anyone else watching Survivor? and if so, has anyone noticed Scout? How she does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and gets away with it. She is so flying under the radar, kinda like that nurse that won against whatshisface, the good looking guy that does the shave advert. I mean, Scout has lost them rewards, has a trick knee, and just stays out of it all. IS NO ONE SEEING THIS? and don't get me started on Rory.

2. That crappy advert on TV where that guy and his girlfriend are in Rome and he starts shouting "I love this woman, I love this woman" and then he gives her a huge diamond ring, then she whispers, "I love this man, I Love him I love him". AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. So bad.

3. Politics. Get it done with already. I'm sick of Kerry, his idiot wife who, if he does win will be the biggest embarrassment EVER. Bush just says the same old thing - even though I like him. I'm sick of yards with a million signs in. Who remembers them? I mean when you go home, do you think "Oh, I must vote for blah blah, he has such a pretty sign in 82 Green St." I don't think so.

4. Mark Geragos - Scott Petersons attorney, just because.

5. Days that we don't get mail. I LOVE getting mail - though not the useless ads. But I love getting mail. It makes me feel important and that someone out there loves me......... and days that we don't get mail just stop me from being loved.

and my most irritating thing EVER (If I could type that word in 6 foot letters I would!)

drum roll please......

My local shopping mall has a huge sign outside it saying ...... Lakeside Shopps.

I'm sorry, is no-one in the city hall using spell check lately? Did they have a spare space and think to themselves "Oh, lets just put an extra P in, no-one will notice" It's not even trying to use it in the way most Americans like to use "Olde English" as in "Shoppes" I swear, I want to write and complain so bad its not even funny.... Shopps. Ridiculous.

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