Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Cable Guy

My list of things that piss me off should include the Cable Company! We have been trying to get HDTV now for over a month! We already have DVR but wanted to go to the next level! Well, you'd think that one simple phone call to the cable company would be sufficient, but we don't live in the land of the easy! No, we live in the ten-cable-guy-visits-umpteen-phone-calls-and-no-result land. We have HDTV/DVR now and for all our troubles we also have free movie channels for a year! I'd say thanks, but you know what? We deserve it after all the crap we have put up with!

I saw my local Giant Eagle is now selling PG Tips but at $8 a pop for 40 they'll be staying ont he shelf thank you sir! I have plenty of friends and family who will gladly (I think and hope) bring me tea bags over with them! In fact, if anyone reading this wants to send me some Horlicks then feel free! My good friend Tiff in Nebraska just returned from the UK and sent me a whopping jar of the good stuff! However, Dan is getting into and it is dwindling fast!

Today, not much happening. We will be watching Lost tonight which is totally cool if you have all the lights off....... And thats about it.

Oh, it's my birthday in 6 days! A very cool 35! Going out on Friday with my buddies Mick and Deb, and possibly Jay and Nancy!

Talk later gaters.....

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