Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Stupid assed people.....

Aside from my own and my husbands blog, there are three others I read on a regular basis. Mike Tooles, Dooce's and Ms Macs. Now, Ms Mac is on vacation - hopefully having a good time, Dooce is always funny - especially about her family and Dog, and Mike Toole, well, he is funny about anything and everything. (You may disagree as my husband does). However, Toole wrote about something this morning on his blog and I actually think I caught what he was watching so I am doing a bit of a cut and paste and here is part of what he wrote this morning: (I hope he doesn't mind - I am giving his blog advertising here so he shouldn't)!

"This morning on CNN, the anchor lady was talking to the weatherman, and for some reason she showed him the cover of the New York Times, which has a picture of a mother weeping over the bodies of her dead children. The weatherman said, "Hmm, oh my. They probably couldn't swim very well."

No shit.

I think we can all agree that the bulk of this disaster could have been avoided, not if a warning system was in place, but if the kids had swimming lessons. Thank you, CNN weatherman.

In his defense, I don't think he was expecting her to bring that up. He was probably all ready to be like, "It is chilly in the northeast." And not, "My God, this tragedy makes me realize my life is worthless."

I had to leave for work before she could talk to the entertainment reporter. "Before we get to What's Hot in 2005, I wanted to show you this picture of the Holocaust. Isn't that something? So many children. Look at how sad their faces are."

"Um, yeah, look at that. I guess they weren't, um, good workers. Can I talk about crazy celebrity baby names now?"

He is so spot on with this it kills me. There are many stories of heroic people, charity minded people but you seldom hear about stupid assed people so there you go. I mean, anchor people on TV look like they have one job and one job only. Read the telepromtper. Apparently, that is hard to do, and when you try and do a bit of ad-libbing, shit just hits the fan and you look like an ass. These people get paid an awful lot of money, money which could go to the needy in the affected region, who could probably do a better job! Hell, they were there when it happened. Do you think they would fuck things up and find something meaningless and stupid to say about things? I don't think so!

I don't usually get so affected by things like this. My husband and I are not big on donations. In fact, the only time I HAVE donated (aside from doing the RNIB walk for school) is for 9/11. You just couldn't NOT donate. I always see these ads on TV for the World Hunger thing where there are kids in Bangladesh etc., who look like they have never seen food never mind eaten any before, yet I am always wary of how much of my money goes to the people and how much goes to drug lords, administration etc., (you know what I mean) but even I am tempted to do something this time. Seeing pictures of parents finding their kids at the morgue alongside hundreds of other kids still waiting for their parents to find their bodies is just heart wrenching. Kids who died alone and parents who could do nothing, left to identify them. Never mind all the follow up diseases etc., from rotten water and sewage that is going to make the death toll even higher.

It is sad, and we don't need an anchor lady from CNN, ad-libbing and making a mess. Its an embarrassment and she is a STUPID ASS.

Thats all I have to say.


r. hertz said...

wow... that is just unbelievable. i can't believe somebody paid to talk on television said that one. i'm just passing through on blog explosion, found this to be an interesting entry.

mike said...

Thanks for the free advertising. Although I am hurt that your husband doesn't like me. Maybe you should leave him.

Carson said...

revolting weathermonkey. good commentary. maybe I should read mike.